What is that you actually do?
  • Mosty - identify parts of your spine that are not moving the way that they should which may result in irritating the nearby structures - such as nerves and muscles.
  • We help to get the spine to move better. Doing so can remove irritation to the nearby structures.
How will that help me?
  • If a nerve is irritated - it doesn't work as well as what it should. It can result in pain, or a loss of function. Restoring movement & decreasing the irritation can help to ease pain and restore function.
I think it's the muscle... How can that help the muscle?
  • If the nerve that supplies the muscle is irritated - it may cause the muscle to work too much, or too little. Either way is not good for the body. The muscle will work better when the nerve works better.
  • It may just be the muscle that is injured, we have treatments apart from spinal adjustments that can help.
Do adjustments hurt?
  • Well it can be a little tender sometimes - especially if you are tender in the area we have to adjust in. It can also feel a little achey afterwards (especially after your first adjustment), but it settles quickly.
What's the cracking sound?
  • Its's just a change in pressure in the joints.
  • It's not bones crunching or grinding together!
Do you adjust children?
  • Yes, where appropriate we adjust children. The Chiropractor is happy to discuss with you with regards to if chiropractic may be of assistance.