The Initial Consultation:

The initial visit involves establishing whether Chiropractic is suitable for your health needs.
  • Intake forms for you to fill out initially (contact details and health information)
  • A thorough consultation (history) with the Dr. Evan will then be conducted to discuss your health concerns and needs.
  • A thorough examination will be completed next to determine if you have a problem that chiropractic can help & if so to what extent the problem has already affected your body. This will include orthopaedic and neurological tests, as well as a spinal examination.
  • If indicated, then x-rays will be done. These are bulk-billed for your convenience and completed off-site.
  • A Report of Findings to explain what the problem is, and how we can help it. Also the options that you have in managing it and he expected timeframes for you to achieve the results you are after.
  • Treatment will follow the Report of Findings provided you are happy to continue with care.*
* In general some level of treatment is provided on the first consultation. However it is not always practical, or appropriate to provide treatment and will be at the discretion of the Chiropractor.

Further Visits:

Most patients will get some level of relief from the very first treatment. A review of your response to treatment, and progress of improvement may see an alteration to the recommendation of further care.

Standard Adjustment Sessions may include:
  • Spinal Adjustment - The adjustment is a process and will help to restore movement and function. We have multiple techniques that we can use, all directed towards improving your health. We will utilise the techniques that are most appropriate given your presenting complaint, and health status.
  • Muscular Correction - It may be appropriate to treat the surrounding muscles and ligaments to assist with healing.
  • Recommendations including strengthening and stabilising exercises, postural advice, identification and avoidance of aggravating activities, as well injury management techniques.